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My name is Dr. Mark Gosnell and I’m running as a democrat to represent the 7th Maryland district in the US House of Representatives. 

I was born in Baltimore and grew up in a row house with respect for a blue collar work ethic.  My father worked at Eastern stainless steel until he died when I was nine years old.  My mother raised us on her own, working to provide for her family. I graduated with honors at the University of Delaware, attended the Medical College of Pennsylvania and trained at University of Maryland in Intensive Care/Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialties.   My wife of 20 years, Dr. Lisa Greisman, and two children love our city and our country.   They are enrolled in public school and we participate in 4H at the Howard County fair, raising chickens and goats.   I enjoy a satisfying career as Director of Intensive Care and Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at Medstar Harbor Hospital.   My next choice is to commit to public service and put the nation’s priorities in line with yours.  

During the next election there will be a lot of talk about the direction our country should take as another decade closes.  Most of that attention will be on the Presidential race.  However, the power to make changes isn’t all from the executive branch but from broadly supported legislation that reflects your notion of how this country grows.  I’m asking to represent the 7th Maryland congressional district to forward an agenda that works. 

How do we get there? 

Is your Social Security safe with a deficit that keeps growing?  What about your healthcare expenses? Every day I see the damage done by drugs in our district.  I am prioritizing affordable healthcare.  Shouldn’t you be able to find the provider you choose but also afford the cost of treatments that work? 

I will be working to establish rational gun control that translates into less crime on the streets and better training and equipment for our police officers.  Baltimore deserves protection from a well-trained police department and the officers deserve respect for the risk they take every day. 

I will prioritize education within our district and the country.  Good decisions are made by educated citizens and this benefits almost every other problem we have in this country.  How often could education improve decisions made about drugs, proper diet and healthcare, gun safety, race relations, career choices? 

With respect to the job done by our Democratic leaders thus far, I am ready to take a fresh approach to build alliances both in and out of our party to make progress.  Let me keep you informed on how we are doing!  If elected, I’ll be starting a new initiative to keep you in touch as legislation is raised and passed during my term.


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Maryland Roots


Dr.Gosnell and his family have roots in Maryland.  A better life for our children is the dream of every parent. Let’s work together to make it happen!

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Have you felt your representative fights for your values?  As democrats we look out for each other.  Let Dr.Gosnell prove your voice is heard!

The Platform


Health Care Cost

Hoping to focus on your prescription costs, access to healthcare for all and Universal Health Records.  Our candidate has been working as a doctor and learned how to improve the cost to you and the country. 


Inclusion and Growth

The soul of this country depends on inclusion. Reaching out to make all Americans feel respected and represented equally regardless of race, religion or economic status.


Addiction and Crime

We see every day how drug addiction takes life from young and old alike.  Alternative pain medication with less addiciton potential and FDA and DEA reform to get drugs off the street. Rational gun control so our children and families remain safe.




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