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Putting ideas into action!

My name is Dr. Mark Gosnell and I’m running as a Democrat to represent the 7th Maryland district in the US House of Representatives. 

During this special election February 4th there will be a lot of talk about the names of career politicians looking to capitalize on an open seat in congress.  I’m asking to represent the 7th Maryland congressional district to forward an agenda that works.  Don't vote for the name, vote for the plan!

I was born in Baltimore and grew up in a row house with respect for a blue collar work ethic.  My father worked at Eastern stainless steel until he died when I was nine years old.  My mother raised us on her own, working to provide for her family. I graduated with honors at the University of Delaware, attended the Medical College of Pennsylvania and trained at University of Maryland in Intensive Care/Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialties.   My wife of 20 years, Dr. Lisa Greisman, and two children love our city and our country.   They are enrolled in public school and we participate in 4H at the Howard County fair, raising chickens and goats.   I enjoy a satisfying career as Director of Intensive Care and Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at Medstar Harbor Hospital.   My next choice is to commit to public service and put the nation’s priorities in line with yours.   

How do we get there? 

One criticism of candidates is their lack of specifics on the problems facing the nation.  I wanted to provide some insight here.  No one can exert total control over the legislation brought up for vote, but these are some of my positions on the policies that matter.

Health care

 I am prioritizing affordable healthcare.   I would vote yes on legislation outlining sustainable and comprehensive medical care for all. If necessary, I would work to write bipartisan support to expand access to the ACA, allowing coverage from a buy in to those aged >55yo. We will reform prescription drug controls/regulation from the FDA on generic availability-especially for life sustaining big impact drugs for diabetes, asthma and heart disease.   Advertising direct to customers for prescription drugs would be reduced and a free market with access to medication from Canada would be allowed and covered.  

A universal health record to allow access to your medical history to any hospital or doctor with your informed consent. This would also act as your social security card and voting registration. We need to encourage voting, not suppress it! 


Baltimore deserves protection from a well-trained police department and the officers deserve respect for the risk they take every day.  Better training to de-escalate violence, new technology to immobilize without killing and a shift in the relationship with the community where trust has eroded.  This will take a solid effort from the mayor and chief of police.  CCTV monitors can be deployed more effectively.  We should consider facial recognition software if used without racial bias.

Drug addiction

Chronic opioid use should be addressed with better combination narcotic and narcan (antidote) combinations.   Prescribers of narcotics now get better training and Narcan is available without a prescription.  FDA has now approved once monthly muscle injection that I believe could reduce narcotic seeking behavior.

Companies that profited from intentionally misleading on safety should be made to pay for improved access to drug addiction counselling and treatment.  What are some reasons Baltimore is a hub for heroine and drug use? Availability and poverty.  There needs to be improvements in port security from deliveries from high risk locations.   On the street improvement in offers to informants including the witness protection program.  A cycle of poverty can only improve with better paying jobs and willing/qualified candidates. I am in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and would like the new mayor to draw business to Baltimore that might be drawn in by the proximity to NY,PA and D.C.  What about a transportation hub for Elon Musk and Hyperloop?

Gun Control

I will be working to establish rational gun control that translates into less crime on the streets and better training and equipment for our police officers.  I am in favor of universal background checks and banning assault weapons.  I am interested in whether controls on ammunition sales and content can be made without infringing on the second amendment. 


I will prioritize education within our district and the country.  Good decisions are made by educated citizens and this benefits almost every other problem we have in this country.  How often could education improve decisions made about drugs, proper diet and healthcare, gun safety, race relations, career choices?   The state controls salaries in most cases but facility standards should be upheld.  Better use of Web based learning with virtual classrooms can be integrated into a conventional curriculum on the crucial subjects where inspiration is needed.

A 2 year advanced degree in both community colleges and university could reduce student debt and focus on entry level careers in nursing and computer science. Emphasize trades with skills in plumbing, electrical and construction as we plan to improve the nations infrastructure. 

Improve daycare options for working mothers and aftercare options for at risk older children with tutors and supervision.


We need to admit climate change is scientifically factual.  We need to avoid politicizing scientific evidence and invest in strategies that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  Improvements in public transportation, CO2 scrubbers, increase electric storage from improved battery technology.


We are a nation of immigrants.  A path towards citizenship should be offered to those requesting it without separating children from their parents.  Boarder security with improved technology was always planned.  Ignoring the folly of a full length wall and failing to accept alternatives is stubborn and irresponsible.


Improve Social security solvency.  Change the limits to contributions from the top 1%. If an increase across the board, then include a citizen option for mutual fund and other stock options to personalize your Social Security portfolio.

Adjust discretionary spending on the military and improve accountability for the amount.  

Control the spiraling high deficit. This trend is reckless.   We will be paying for the interest alone before we can take care of your future.

With respect to the job done by our Democratic leaders thus far, I am ready to take a fresh approach to build alliances both in and out of our party to make progress.  I would like to see term limits to improve the work done and limit campaigning. The names in this special election are not motivated to change how Washington works. It has helped their careers and nothing changes.

Finally, Let me keep you informed on how we are doing in Washington!  If elected, I’ll be starting a new initiative called the CODE BLUE TEAM to keep you in touch as legislation is raised and passed during my term.  You are the lobbyists.  See below to join our mailing list



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Maryland Roots


Dr.Gosnell and his family have roots in Maryland.  A better life for our children is the dream of every parent. Let’s work together to make it happen!

Your voice is heard


Have you felt your representative fights for your values?  As democrats we look out for each other.  Let Dr.Gosnell prove your voice is heard!

The Platform


Health Care Cost

Hoping to focus on your prescription costs, access to healthcare for all and Universal Health Records.  Our candidate has been working as a doctor and learned how to improve the cost to you and the country. 


Inclusion and Growth

The soul of this country depends on inclusion. Reaching out to make all Americans feel respected and represented equally regardless of race, religion or economic status.


Addiction and Crime

We see every day how drug addiction takes life from young and old alike.  Alternative pain medication with less addiciton potential and FDA and DEA reform. Rational gun control so our children and families remain safe.